Wednesday, September 30, 2009

10s without tripod ...

this is to answer "how I shoot this 10s without tripod, monopod , table and etc" :D

10s without tripod ...

details of picture above

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on our way back in law place but wife found we missed out something ... so turn back to collect.... but then saw the beautiful sky so decided to captured it ...ohhhhhh my tripod was in the car then ..... how ?

So anyone know how I shoot this without tripod, monopod, table or etc and the SS is 10s :D

5dm2 + SIGMA50mm F1.4 + "secret"
# Exposure Time (1 / Shutter Speed) = 10/1 second ===> 10 second
# Lens F-Number / F-Stop = 8/1 ===> ƒ/8
# ISO Speed Ratings = 100

- non crop
- curve increase contrast
- increase saturation
- frame resize
- smart sharpen 130, 0.3, opacity 50%

and my secret is

Monday, September 28, 2009

... lost ...

am busy recently with work (exam), family (my Jie Xi getting active and need more time from daddy and mummy, tired (landscape photography make me tired as woke up early in the morning, hiking ... running ....driving far...)

with all the things above nothing much from me recently and just wish to make this blog active while I can still remember I had stop posting for weeks ......

2 things I going to share

1. finally I got Robberflies mating picture .. saw them together for 3-4 times but just fail to capture the moment ... and finally I got this with some pay off (bite by leech... spent ~hours to chase it ....they are just too shy/sensitive with my movement ... then again ... longer macro len will help, if I have one :D )
... love ...

2. patient Bee in Fly (BIF)..., last week was 4 days holiday for Malaysia and I fully rest in my in law house but still walk around the garden and saw a Carpenter bee keep flying around few spot .. and I don;t want to miss the opportunity then brought my gear with longest available (SIGMA150 + 1.4tc + flash) and spent 2-3 hours to chase the BIF

there 2 methods I use to capture below picture
i. AF, pre AF those leaf close to the bee stop by or flying around ... then while it get close just move my focus point close to it and press the shutter ... keep trying ;D and I get
I am leaving

cadid shot

more can view from my flickr bee set

ii. MF , pre focus the place where the bee normally flying around or stop ... (failure rate is higher) ....then while it come close by (depend on luck) then press shutter .... (here then I hope I have faster fps camera :D, that's y I always say ... never say we don;t need but it is good to have)
... did u ask for permission to snap my picture ?

ok .... so anyone have any suggestion for me .....

Friday, September 25, 2009

News - launch

I finally activated my own personal page but it still far to integrate here and flickr into my own page ... so for the time been I still maintain

1. photo @
2. blog@
3. all other commercial and new @

so ... patient and I will get all 3 integrated into one ASAP....

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Landscape Spot 3 - Bukit Tabur

another beautiful landscape spot locate @Melawati, Kuala Lumpur/Selangor. it is not easy to locate this place but it is near by Taman Melawati, TAR college or Zoo Negara.
not easy to access, but it can locate through google earth or map ....and not really sure what is best way to be there except drive ...

This place actually dam (Klang Gate Dam) which a main water source supplier ... after reach the Klang Gate Dam entrance, we need to follow a jungle track locate ~10-20m from the entrance, then it is a ~1.5hour track which include few dangerous rock climbing path. it is recommended wear grove, long pants.... and do not bring too heavy gears up as there are few paths need 2 hands for rock climbing.

I have yet get the best picture from this spot ... but let share what I have now ...

1. spot 1 (~20minutes from the entrance)
- very safe hiking, this is just before rock climbing

... late ...

2. spot 2 (~45minutes from the entrance)
- need to pass through 2-3 rock climbing paths
... waiting moment ...
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