Thursday, January 22, 2009

MACRO PP 1: How I Increase my MACRO picture DOF (Stack Focus)

I am sharing this as this is how I do to get my macro picture get better DOF... hope you all will enjoy this....

To have picture stack, we should
1. get major part of interest of the object focus pictures, how I get this
i. accurate focus skill, practice more until you can focus any part of the object. e.g. just focus the bug eye, nose, ears .....
ii. faster flash speed
- sometime I will recommend to use manual flash to get faster recycle time e.g. 1/8-1/4 so I can shoot multiple picture continuously without too worry my flash
iii. shoot with standard angle, e.g. side view, face direct even the bug move, we still can chase the bug to shoot the same angle to stack (some time I even shoot different bug but same angle to stack). But for sure, we need similar magnification to have success stack

2. PP software to do this
i. CS3 masking method (which I will discuss here)
ii. combineZM, which I feel it is quick easy to use but I have yet start to use it

3. PP Process
i. open multiple picture and make sure it have similar exposure and white balance e.g.

ii. use the one with best composition as base and duplicate other pictures on the main picture

iii. duplicate other picture on to the main picture as select from ii

iv. choose the opacity on right hand side to ~75%

v. move the transparent picture to match the main picture, if the angle not correct. You may use transform > rotate to match it back

vi. after match it, please hide the picture as below

vii. use the brush tool to erase the part you wish to have from the picture as show below

viii. continue with other pictures and repeat iii-vii

happy trying :D ... feel free to ping me if you feel my instructions are not clear enough and I will try my best to update more details more :D

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Your Average Mat said...

thanks for the great info

liewwk said...


JJ said...

Very informative. Excellent.

TriStupe said...

:) thanks for sharing. Now it is a matter of getting the insect to stay still while i focus on front, centre and back :D

Ray said...

Hi, I really like your macro and thanks for sharing. It does make my venture into macro photography a lot easier and fun. So, you mean it is still possible to stack the photos without actually using tripod? I could just hold and shoot the camera with my hands and try as hard as I could to maintain the same angle right? I have never done focus stacking before but after reading this, I am very keen to try. Thanks again and keep up the great work!!

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