Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Review - Canon 5dm2 vs 7d MACRO

I got an unit of Canon 7d for testing last 2 weeks ago but the results were unbelievable so I send back to Canon service center for checking and yesterday they call for collect after do some "minor" calibration .....and today I went out for quick test (my testing only based on on personal standard/interest and may not a good comparative among 2 Canon bodies)

how I do the test
i. ISO100 & F13
ii. max flash sync speed (5dm2 - 1/200 and 7d - 1/250)
iii. I try to shoot very close magnification (but can't get 100% same ....)
- 5dm2 ~3:1
- 7d 2:1
iv. same lighting (full flash) - as share here
v. all pictures stacked with 3 picture which focus on eye, nose and mouth of the dragonfly
v. AWB
vi. no noise reduction
vii. no sharpening

1. after resize to 1200 @ longer size, we can;t tell much different
Canon 5dm2 - 1200
Canon 5dm2 vs 7D - 1200

7D - 1200
Canon 5dm2 vs 7D - 1200

2. and if you wish to have a look at full size
Canon 5dm2 - full size

Canon 7d - full size

3. a 100% crop
Canon 5dm2
Canon 5dm2 vs 7D - 100% crop

or larger size http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4044/4496967212_babd6190bb_o.jpg

Canon 7d
Canon 5dm2 vs 7D - 100% crop

or larger size

personal view,
i. after calibration, IQ have improve and noise have reduce
ii. overall Canon 7d doing ok and not sure can it be fine tune any further or not
iii. Canon 7d noise still look bad @100% crop even at ISO100
iv. AWB, how could same brand camera have such different at same environment and using same lighting (flash)

I will do another test on landscape soon....


budak said...

the 7d 100% crop sharpness looks markedly worse than the 5dii's...

profile said...

I suggest that you set both cameras to about 5200 degrees color temperature. That way they should try to produce the same colors for the same lighting.

Another possibility is the color space. Make sure that both are in the same color space (Adobe RGB or sRGB).

I hope these suggestions help. Very puzzling photographs.

liewwk said...

budak .. sure :D

PC, I use AWB for testing but I do shoot raw and while I back I change it to same temp .. but it still look big different

Eicrawler said...

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