Wednesday, January 20, 2010

a tired day outing

a tired weekend

1. last friday 15 Jan 2010 from 3am -6pm then went for a Canon - talk for videography + 1dm4
2. on next morning ~730am, we went to Sekinchan, Selangor, Malaysia for paddyy field shooting and was plan this for long as would like to see the brown + blue contrast color instead of common green + blue (but then I still want to shoot that) ...
3. we left Sekinchan ~4pm and drive toward to Pantai Jeram where ~1 hour drive from Sekinchan. and leave the place ~8pm then arrive house ~11pm

and I am leaving Malaysia to Singapore early of the morning next day ....

I would say .. WOW .. but my body just can't follow my brain .. so I comment myself 20++ brain but 40++ body :D

but with 2 pictures (many of them but simply choose 2 to fast process out) ... I am happy with the tired outing ....

Pantai Jeram
... last chance ...

Paddy from Sekinchan
... the left over ...

this is what I plan and look for ...
... left nothing ...

and more will share on my flickr here

I am poor in shooting city ...

am in Singapore , a beautiful city but just feel difficult to get my camera to shoot as not sure how to present city ... (think i need more effort on this) ... may be you all should tell me how I improve .. I will post few pictures from my few days trip here...

... let's wait ...

a missed out picture ...

I am doing archiving again ... as my HDD running low again .. and found this beautiful frog ...
and found this picture ... think I still have too many pictures to be process ... and hope I just won;t missed out too much worth share picture to you all ..

... alone ...

hope you all enjoy this ..

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Cicindelephilia - in action in same pose [18sx]

no other pose I think ..

Cicindelephilia - in action

How tiger mating !!!

2.29 Tiger beetle Cicindelephilia 八星虎甲蟲 Cosmodela batesi

hope I can find more species by this year

how Wasp lay egg ...

feel this is good to share as I saw it few times but only this time can get full capture

a beautiful female Ichneumon wasp with such long tail
a beautiful female Ichneumon wasp

it really drill ...??? into the tree
... female Ichneumon wasp laying egg ...

may be have look on the movie will be better

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

it's always good to look close 17 - Horned Frog

this is rare frog , where I 1st meet it in the wild and it is from Cibodas, Jave, Indonesia .. and still not yet found one @Malaysia ..

it is a good model for macro .. move (jump) slow and not really far

it's always good to look close 17 - Horned Frog

it's always good to look close 17 - Horned Frog

and full body view

... hit on ...

News - have been update

finally manage to get it update .. hope you all like it and I will still maintain my flickr and here till further notice ...

New face to

Monday, January 11, 2010

How I shoot MACRO - dirty, wet, drive far... only for this ...

was driving ~42KM from my in law house (~40KM from Kuala Lumpur) to a beach no people swim, no plant around, only few birds flying around, bad mug smell, a "weird" photographer (as my claim, where got ppl drive so far for a beetle only) and the only good thing here is the tiger beetle (this yet to found from other location but here got thousand of them)
.. then the photographer got dirty & dirty... and camera are full of sand ... and this is how it look like

and this is really hot day, they are not really in mood of mating (only found few pair doing it and capture 2-3 pictures of mating) but most of them standing using this pose ... think is the way they relief heat ....

... it is hot and this is how we stand ...

... is the photographer weird ???

Monday, January 4, 2010

it's always good to look close 16 - Hairy Gray Spider

this is another tiny spider ~5-7mm in size and very shy and found on tree body ... it will hide from us if we keep chase it (where hole on the skin tree it can find) but then it will come out from the hole ~3-4 min ...

2 closer view
common face shot
it's always good to look close 16 - Hairy Gray Spider

top view
it's always good to look close 16 - Hairy Gray Spider

and whole view
a shy and cute tiny Jumping Spider

it's always good to look close 15 - Yellow Spider

this is a tiny spider (look like jumping spider to me) , it move non stop (for 2 times I met it ...) think they born to be moving around ...

but it is like other spider look at our gear while get close and this is the time we get the eye contact ... but for this I am trying to get another angle of closeup ...

it's always good to look close 15 - Yellow Spider

and full body view

Cute little Yellow Spider

How I shoot Macro - not so easy MACRO model - Robberfly !!!

normally robberfly always good model for macro shooter as

1. they stay still
2. can easily get closer
3. even they fly off, will come back to same spot or nearer
4. a lot of details

below are few e.g.
1.13 Robberfly ... portrait ...

Genting Goes Green - Flora & Fauna Competition - Robberfly - In Pey

it's always good to look close 2

a beautiful Robberfly ...

but last week, I met a robberfly shy, sensitive, and it's dark body make it be a tough model for me ... luckily it still like common robberfly ... it will even fly off but then it will be flying back to nearby .... so I can have few chances to test what is the best way to shoot this "giant robberfly" (it is ~30-35mm in size, so far it is bigger I met)

i. for 1st shot it .. I don;t to missed the chance to get a record shot where I handheld set the SS to max and using full flash ... and a harsh result is out ... expect

Giant Robberfly (flash)

ii. then it flew off after my strong flash, then I know it allow me get closer so decide to use tripod .. and give a try of Natural Light (without flash) but result out is like terrible shadow on it's body (no details at all ... )
- the file was corrupted and not able to share this

iii. but then I give another try on very low fill flash (which I normally apply to reduce shadow of the object as discuss before

- flash setting "Manual" 1/64-1/32
and the result just like the Natural light, it give bad shadow on it's body
Giant Robberfly (low fill flash)

iv. I am confuse and not sure how to overcome this so decide to use stronger fill flash (1/2-1/4) but the result still

- flash setting "Manual" 1/2-1/4

Giant Robberfly (higher fill flash)

I would say, these are bad ... harsh, bad shadow (even I can recover it by using PP) but not really sure how .. and what is the best way to shoot this "best" MACRO model .....

so after rest for a while a Nescafe, roti Bakar... and spend few more minutes with the Wasp lay egg

v. so I want to try another new "fill flash" method
- I use TTL FEC -1
- then instead of faster shutter speed I use the slower shutter speed where it should give correct exposure (just like shooting with Natural Light)
- the output some how is best among all methods I tried ....

... giant Robberfly ...

not sure is this a better method of fill flash or not using TTL instead Manual but it WORK on this monster ... and it proven (I have many shots after I know this method is working) .....

New Found - Damselfly (Drepanosticta hamadryas)

another new found for my collection .. think this is quite rare as only 1st time saw it after ~22mth doing macro .. and thanks Choong @ for the ID ...

Damselfly - Drepanosticta hamadryas
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