Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Landscape Spot 4 - Pantai Kelanang

think I stop sharing landscape spot few months back ... due to busy period and family stuff ...

decided to make a search for new spot after see some shots from my flickr friend ..

after a family lunch on yesterday, decided drive to Banting to look for Pantai Kelanang, which a beach never mentioned in map .. hmmm so just a try .... with really hot weather

1. drive from any where toward KLIA/Sepang/Klang or refer to Morib beach
2. then look for Banting sign board
3. after reach Banting , Pantai Kelanang sign will be direct you to a beach ~4-6 KM from town
4. after reach, do not park your car but turn left just before the car park is a big roundabout for the beach but it is one way on the other way toward back to car park

a place not many people, full with dead tree, mangrove, death fish... some fisherman ... direct to west so sunset :D

and this is 1st picture to share
... still looking ...

larger view

more shots for this will be click here

or search "Pantai Kelanang" in my flickr stream


wondersf said...

Extraordinary scene. Good capture and keen selection.

Unknown said...

What a great shot!
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What a Wonderful World It Can Be said...

Nice shots Liew !

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