Tuesday, February 23, 2010

How I Shoot MACRO - Reflector is important gear

have prepare this 2009 but not able to finish the pictures process and writing ..but just have to finish it as I have too many thing pending in my "working hadisc" ...

I use to brought a reflector and my gang or some friend will ask .. why you bring such big diffuser for macro outing .. and we are not shooting portrait .. but :D actually I need it for my "model" (MACRO bug, insect .....)

there are situations we can't solve the environment impact to our picture/video ... and we can't control the bug/insects and environment .. so how ?

one of the situation that I want to discuss here is "harsh light on the reflective bugs body". some bugs e.g. ladybird, ants, beetle... etc bodies tend to reflect easily no matter we use flash or not (even use Natural light/fill flash if any light fall on their body... the light will just reflect badly and show in our picture ...)

e.g. of this wasp, it stand on a place where light is strong hit on it's head and without using any additional gear ... this will be our output
How I shoot MACRO : we do use reflector too

how I resolve this ? if the environment and bug not allow me to get closer then I have no choice PP the reflective part will be the only solution for me and I share it before
MACRO PP - Clone Reflective Body

but if the wasp allow me to go closer with additional Reflector and put in front of the light source to the main object then I can easily get picture with same distance , same setting, ... without any PP

How I shoot MACRO : we do use reflector too

too bad no one with me .. I use tripod and release cable one hand and the other for reflector .... no one snap picture for me on actual field work .. but next time if I shoot with my gang ... then I will share some picture here

*** both picture shoot without crop, different F number, fill flash (same power) and while raw-->Jpeg only increase contrast, resize


NIX said...

This is good tips, maybe you can scratch it out on a piece of paper on your setting, especially where u place the reflector so that other can visualize better.

liewwk said...

Nix, place on the angle where the source of light toward the object ..

agree .. should just draw it :D

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