Thursday, February 18, 2010

News - A passion for photography ...

I was interview by one of best local press The Star and write some of my passion to photography (in MACRO) and it was publish in 16 Feb 2010 which I was away to outstation for Pantai Kelanang looking for landscape spot

a full link for the publish

even though some mistake make .. ohhh ... few :D
my name is Liew Weng Keong but not Liew Wai Keong
and .. most important .. I am only 34 but not 39 :D

then few ID e.g. bird should be spiderhunter instead of hummingbird and the spider should be lynx spider instead of tree ...

pictures can found @ my flickr or as below
lynx spider with bee as prey
... let take this, I think this is what you all looking at ...

digger wasp
11.8 Digger Wasp

a streaked spiderhunter
Streaked Spiderhunter
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