Sunday, February 7, 2010

one of my favor MACRO Model - Tiger Beetle

think this was one of the beautiful/cute creature attract me into MACRO photography while I was still using my Pns (~2 years ago)

let me make a count how many types I managed to capture so far , and let talk about it's behavior

1. common in hill/lowland forest
- quite sensitive but still allow get close if we move slowly
- while we use flash, 50% it will move or flew off
- normally on leaf
2.7 Tiger Beetle 深山小虎甲   ... Side view

2.7 Tiger Beetle 深山小虎甲   ... Portrait

2. common in forest could be far from stream
- super sensitive not easy to get close (even with 150mm + 1.4tc)
2.12 Tiger Beetle ... 長頸虎甲蟲 Neocollyris lformasana

... "hamsap" fellow ...

3. common near low land forest close to stream with sand
- sensitive, not easy to get close need to move really slow
- depend season, sometime a lot but sometime .. just disappear
- while mating season, you will see them keep mating non stop but most of them only for ~5-10sec
2.29 Tiger beetle Cicindelephilia 八星虎甲蟲 Cosmodela batesi

2.29 Tiger beetle Cicindelephilia 八星虎甲蟲 Cosmodela batesi

4.can found on few beach
- when found normally gang of them
- love to mating, and look like they don't know how to different male or female until make it
- sensitive but easy to get close especially mating time .. not easy to shoot single
How tiger mating !!!

... pls queue up ...

5. only found @one beach near Sepang
- many of them
- love to mating
- super sensitive, even mating. almost impossible to get close as type 2 but this normally found group of them so easy t get shots

... it is hot and this is how "tiger" stand ...

Cicindelephilia - in action

6. common in forest
- less sensitive , can easily get close
- but didn't see it mating so far
most easier tiger beetle

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