Monday, February 1, 2010

special write for my gang .... Philip Wee

a gang of mine, asking for poison (wny am I using mt24) ... so while our last week outing in a reserve jungle we tried to shoot the same beetle (normally I stop shooting the long horned beetle... I just have too many of them) with same gears (canon 5dm2, mpe65...) except the light different.. I am using mt24 setup as below
2009 Aug macro setup

and he is using my old setup as below
liewwk MACRO Nov 2008 setup [4:1]

I am sharing this to him with minimum of PP and waiting for his post too to have compare ...

a portrait mode
special to Wee@

a landscape mode
special to Wee@

just hope he will post his ASAP .. and I will update his picture here

but let share my capture

he is replying this fast with picture

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