Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Landscape - my 1st try on UWA Panorama

I love wide view .. that's why I have my 5dm2 with SIGMA12-24mm and the len almost 99% @12mm .... but after a while I still found some spot 12mm may not wide enough so I trying to do some manual Panorama but the result look bad for last few try ... and now with the help of Nodal Ninja 5L , I finally managed to finish my "not so good" panorama sunset

this picture outcome from 6 captures
1. use smaller angle to get more cross point locate as center as possible as side view of 12mm normally distort badly
2. output picture size 12548 x 9398
3. my new windows7 64bit 8GB PC still having problem to fully edit this picture so minimum PP done
4. the actual JPEG is ~110MB so I resize to 1000 @ longer size just to share the view
5. not sure how many mega pix I will get but am sure >50M pix

both picture below show from same standpoint, same gear, same focal length
6 to 1 Pano

and one of the main focus frame
another spot and sunset

hope I am not doing too bad but will trying to get better shot

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