Monday, February 8, 2010

How I shoot MACRO - angle is important

I had share this to most of my MACRO gang, "angle" to shoot the bugs is very important. Angle need to be choose to control
1. better DOF
2. better BG
3. show beauty of the object

and in general I had discuss @previous post How I shoot MACRO - Composition, angle ...

I can't provide too many samples but will keep on to post relevant sample as I got relevant sample pictures ...

as for last week , I got a chance to see a pair of weevil mating on the tree trunk and I know this will be good for this so I decide to make few shots to show the different effect on BG while using different angle

below is a picture show the situation

and as for the sample of common 90 degree to the object and we are easier to get max DOF but the BG will look like
Weevil in Love -1

a dark/black BG will be produce as full flash use, so we could try to make leave behind the object as sample (different object but still a beetle on tree but with brown leaf behind as BG - hand make :D )
most easier tiger beetle

but then while we shift out angle a bit higher to make the tree body as BG
Weevil in Love -2

- this will be better in term of overall picture but then it is not easy to get both Weevil in focus due to the DOF limit. so even we move to upper but we still need to control the angle where both weevil eye can be in focus

some add-on on the weevil, this weevil is small one and I shoot it with coin as comparison before as below

2.23 Weevil  .. this is really small weevil

and again we really should thanks MACRO photography to allow us to see something where we normally can't view through human eye

a big magnification of same type of Weevil
2.23 Weevil

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