Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bird Series 15 - Tiger Shrike

migratory bird during the months of October till April it is not shy in Bukit Tinggi and Kuala Selangor ..

The Tiger Shrike or Thick-billed Shrike (Lanius tigrinus) is a small passerine bird which belongs to the genus Lanius in the shrike family, Laniidae. It is found in wooded habitats across eastern Asia. It is a shy, often solitary bird which is less conspicuous than most other shrikes. Like other shrikes it is predatory, feeding on small animals. Its nest is built in a tree and three to six eggs are laid.

It derives its name from the tiger-like pattern of its upperparts which are reddish-brown with dark bars. Adult males have white underparts and a grey head with a black mask. Females and young birds are duller and browner and young birds lack the grey and black on the head.

common pose
Tiger Shrike - 3

this is one well train by birders ... it will pose for you and long :D
Tiger Shrike - 2

like this view as show why it call Tiger Shrike
Tiger Shrike - 1

a movie of it

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