Friday, February 12, 2010

New Found - Flower Mantis (update)

it was a mistake ... I thought of I found a Orchid Mantis but it is not after verification with mantidboy From Flickr (he know alot about mantis) .. this is a

family Hymenopidae
Creobotra sp

even ... not a Orchid Mantis .. but I am still happy with this new found too

a old picture shoot Jul 2008 (
Mantis 3:1

how it look close ... (PP to make it little mystery feel)
Anyone know my name ???

and it was camera shy ....
bit shy ...

and after few shot .. it start willing to look at my camera and I am getting closer and closer

my name is "Orchid Mantis"

(for larger view please visit for the macro session or )

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