Tuesday, February 9, 2010

How I shoot MACRO - MT24 with Difuser 2010plan01

was planning this and test with few similar option before but never got any good result. but then decide to share this even I feel this still having problem with my setup

why am I building a bigger diffuser
1. larger light size
2. softer light
3. my long MACRO len (SIGMA150) need better and larger diffuser (I need something work for both of my MP-E65 & SIGMA150)

so my testing make up of

1. pop up flash diffuser

2. styro foam bowl& Kitchen towel paper

3. final setup

sample output .. (sorry trying to get back the original setup but the beetle flew off)
a cute Long-horned Beetle

a cute Long-horned Beetle

(minimum PP done on above pictures)

based on last picture show above (my large diffuser is from right from my len and the small one is on left) overall the light diffuser better than my previous one (I personal feel)
but it create bad shadow after 3:1 which mean I lost 4-5:1 while using my MPE , think this could be over size of my big diffuser ... will try to make it smaller next round


budak said...

Hi Liew,

i just placed an order for the MT-24. And am considering using the Puffer for diffusion. Any reason why you used one Puffer and one large DIY diffuser here? Thanks!

liewwk said...

budak, MT24 is too close to the object so we need bigger diffuser /light source ... this is just like why portrait softbox is big rather than small one .. there are some reason why we need bigger light source ... if you interest .. may be I can PM u

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