Friday, May 1, 2009

MACRO PP - 5 [clone, reflective body]

Beside Ninja Noise (nj), clone is one of the Photoshop (CS3/CS4) function that I use most...

All of my picture use nj to remove the noise because even @iso100 picture consist noise while zoom to 100% ....

another big challenge for macro shooter is sensor dust, so normally we use clone to remove the sensor dust .. ..

And I apply this clone technique to clone away the reflective portion of the object

1. open the file with other necessary PP (curve, crop ..... )

2. duplicate a layer

3. change the opacity of the layer to ~40-60% depend the natural look

4. then use the "clone" tool

5. clone those reflective area with adjacent area color.... and this is the sample outcome

un-clone picture
2.31 Beetle in Action ... original version

clone picture (final output)
2.31 Beetle in Action ... pp version


Florentina said...

Thank you very much! This article it helped me alot! I have a question for you. How you make black background ( or dark colours ) postprocessing? I have big problems with that part, because in the final picture appears some strange line, forms even I apply some sharpness filter or no. I hope you understand what I ask, my English isn`t so good. Thank you!

liewwk said...

Florentina, apply the same concept but use the dark color u want to clone

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