Friday, May 1, 2009

MACRO PP - 5 [clone, reflective body]

Beside Ninja Noise (nj), clone is one of the Photoshop (CS3/CS4) function that I use most...

All of my picture use nj to remove the noise because even @iso100 picture consist noise while zoom to 100% ....

another big challenge for macro shooter is sensor dust, so normally we use clone to remove the sensor dust .. ..

And I apply this clone technique to clone away the reflective portion of the object

1. open the file with other necessary PP (curve, crop ..... )

2. duplicate a layer

3. change the opacity of the layer to ~40-60% depend the natural look

4. then use the "clone" tool

5. clone those reflective area with adjacent area color.... and this is the sample outcome

un-clone picture
2.31 Beetle in Action ... original version

clone picture (final output)
2.31 Beetle in Action ... pp version



Thank you very much! This article it helped me alot! I have a question for you. How you make black background ( or dark colours ) postprocessing? I have big problems with that part, because in the final picture appears some strange line, forms even I apply some sharpness filter or no. I hope you understand what I ask, my English isn`t so good. Thank you!

liewwk said...

Florentina, apply the same concept but use the dark color u want to clone

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