Monday, January 4, 2010

How I shoot Macro - not so easy MACRO model - Robberfly !!!

normally robberfly always good model for macro shooter as

1. they stay still
2. can easily get closer
3. even they fly off, will come back to same spot or nearer
4. a lot of details

below are few e.g.
1.13 Robberfly ... portrait ...

Genting Goes Green - Flora & Fauna Competition - Robberfly - In Pey

it's always good to look close 2

a beautiful Robberfly ...

but last week, I met a robberfly shy, sensitive, and it's dark body make it be a tough model for me ... luckily it still like common robberfly ... it will even fly off but then it will be flying back to nearby .... so I can have few chances to test what is the best way to shoot this "giant robberfly" (it is ~30-35mm in size, so far it is bigger I met)

i. for 1st shot it .. I don;t to missed the chance to get a record shot where I handheld set the SS to max and using full flash ... and a harsh result is out ... expect

Giant Robberfly (flash)

ii. then it flew off after my strong flash, then I know it allow me get closer so decide to use tripod .. and give a try of Natural Light (without flash) but result out is like terrible shadow on it's body (no details at all ... )
- the file was corrupted and not able to share this

iii. but then I give another try on very low fill flash (which I normally apply to reduce shadow of the object as discuss before

- flash setting "Manual" 1/64-1/32
and the result just like the Natural light, it give bad shadow on it's body
Giant Robberfly (low fill flash)

iv. I am confuse and not sure how to overcome this so decide to use stronger fill flash (1/2-1/4) but the result still

- flash setting "Manual" 1/2-1/4

Giant Robberfly (higher fill flash)

I would say, these are bad ... harsh, bad shadow (even I can recover it by using PP) but not really sure how .. and what is the best way to shoot this "best" MACRO model .....

so after rest for a while a Nescafe, roti Bakar... and spend few more minutes with the Wasp lay egg

v. so I want to try another new "fill flash" method
- I use TTL FEC -1
- then instead of faster shutter speed I use the slower shutter speed where it should give correct exposure (just like shooting with Natural Light)
- the output some how is best among all methods I tried ....

... giant Robberfly ...

not sure is this a better method of fill flash or not using TTL instead Manual but it WORK on this monster ... and it proven (I have many shots after I know this method is working) .....

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