Thursday, April 15, 2010

Colorful world ...

I didn't realize that I shoot so beautiful series recently ... but I am happy that while I try to view back my MACRO collection from my web site

sometimes I feel macro photography not just details, sharpness & magnification which can easy achieve after lighting is correct setup .... with little practice .

But the opportunity to get the better composition is a challenge to MACRO (bug) shooter as we can't control the bug like other ... we can control the how, where they stand .... and how;s the dews fall on their body and we just hope for more luck ...(even I know some situation some photographer will make fake dew .. by spread the water on bug body , make BG but put some leaf behind... but these are not easy too who can make sure after water spread the bug won't flew off ???? So I always respect those shoot with good composition with good details and magnification ....)

here are some colorful pictures (last few object that I post...)

light Yellow






CK Ng said...

Those are amazing works. Nice!

liewwk said...

Thanks Ng

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