Sunday, January 4, 2009

what I did recently....

I am doing a lot of portrait (sorry picture no time to share here for more check out my flickr ) learning birding with my newly add 100-400mm tele .... i found this is really tough especially in the jungle with low light condition......

so far I went
1. Genting (so excited to see 1st Hornbill)
- but no good picture as the environment really in low light :( and bird are far from me

my 1st birding picture ... lol why blocking ... was too excited
1001.1 Hornbill ... my 1st birding picture lol

2. Bukit Cahaya
see owl in the evening :D

1004.2 Owl - Barred Eagle Owl ... natural one

3. Kaula Selangor
more picture after 2 experience .... :( but still <10pictures after 4hours

i. woodpecker ... wow it is so beautiful
1006.1 Woodpeckers ...Common Flameback Woodpeckers

ii. sunda Pygmy Woodpecker
1006.2 Woodpeckers ...sunda Pygmy Woodpecker

iii. Tiger Shrike
1008.1 Tiger Shrike

iv. Brown Shrike
1007.1 Brown Shrike

v. little heron ... this is nice
1009.1 Little Heron

hope I could do more but this is really time consume .... need a lot of time and patient to make a outing ... :(


Nicholas Leong said...

Woodpecker shot is nice :) So when will you be buying a 600mm :P

liewwk said...

Nic, very soon .. if u sponsor 80%

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