Monday, January 26, 2009

Kemensah Water Fall (Spot 6)

This is a place of my MACRO gang give good rating to make me decide to make a trip here where this place locate near Zoo Negara, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Few rounds been here actually this is a good macro ground, and there is few track available (or visit by me)
i. Kemensah Waterfall chalet
ii. hiking hill track toward water fall (do not go alone as this place seem not really safe from robber, wild animal, ...)

Rate of this Spot -- A
good place where it is near (not far from Zoo), and it consist multiple variety bug for macro ... few rare bugs in other location are common here e.g.

i. giraffe weevil (male)
2.8 Giraffe Weevil (male)... s.i.d.e ...

ii. Orsima ichneumon
4.12 Spider ... Orsima ichneumon

iii. a lot of damselfly
7.7 Damselfly ... FACE ...

7.5 Damselfly - Agriocnemis rubescens... eating a mosquito ...
[am doing stitching (pano) on this damselfly as mpe 65 do not do <1:1 and it can't fit in single frame ]

iv. mayfly
23.1 Mayfly ... s.i.d.e ...

... enjoy

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