Monday, June 1, 2009

MACRO PP : How I Increase my MACRO picture DOF (Stack Focus CZM)

This is continue another method of mine how to increase DOF but instead manually using CS3 layer mask method but this is using CombineZM(a freeware). it is much easier to use but it may need to combine this software & the previous method discuss @

as usual below is step by step for how I use CZM for additional info or discuss ca refer @ Macro Viewer-flickr

1. open CZM

2. create a new stack

3. choose those files you wish to stack

4. simply "do stack by" click as below

5. waiting it finish running batch processes and output should be massive with shadow due to not same angle or possition shots

6. do below to reduce the shadow, go to the frame and select the main frame you wish to be main BG

7. choose 2 points that significant appear at all pictures and select by choose key "1" then click "exit"

follow another point as "2" and Exit also on another point

8. repeat this by choose other frames

choose the same point where "1" & "2" but this turn use "3" & "4" and choose

but this time use "Set and Use Params" & click "ok" as window below

9. repeat all step "8" for all other frame

10. and do stack again

11. this time more cleaner picture will be out

12. I will use Photoshop "clone" to clone away the shadow and also some additional manual stack if need which can refer from

unstack version
2.13 Long-nosed Lycid Beetle ... non stack

stack version
2.13 Long-nosed Lycid Beetle ... stack
so enjoy ....

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