Monday, August 24, 2009

Landscape Spot 2 - Genting Highland

went above 1850m from sea level (aka call Genting Highland) from beautiful sunrise and manage to saw most beautiful sunrise ever

woke up 3:30am and drive from Kuala Lumpur and reach there ~6am for breakfast then start driving up to look for sunrise location (ohhhh ... yea we went there with compass and no experience) .... after repeat the same path we think we got the best direction for the day ... (a road path behind First World Hotel)

- from Kuala Lumpur look for Kepong or Batu Cave direction (~10-20minutes drive)
- then Genting Highland signboards are any where just follow (~60-100minutes drive)
- so back of First World Hotel is facing East :D

... so far ...

View On Black & Large


PiRho said...

that is awesome! looks like it was worth the effort.

Enche' Adykasyah said...

That was beautiful my friend...

Nicholas Leong said...

Nice, very nice. How come never bring me go up? :P

imblogger@sh ™ said...

nice bro .. can u teach me wht setting you use or any recommendation ? tq tq .. plz teach me sifu

liewwk said...

PiRho, yea ... will go again this week

Enche.... thanks

Nic... will go again this weekend .. .so ??? get ready UWA

imblogger, normally I use Manual mode under -1/3 till -2/3 to bring details on sun and then shoot bracketing in case I want to do HDR (normally will delete)
, F13-16 ... SS will depend the light... MF ... LV ... what else :D

refer I share what I did on pp too

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