Monday, October 19, 2009

How I Shoot MACRO - few common poses of Dragonflies and how to capture them

thinking to share how DF poses to us and how we try to get it's best angle ....

- spent 2-3 hours to look for same dragonflies for some common poses ...

a very common or classic pose .. and not easy to get good view or capture of this :( ... may be you someone can comment or give some recomendation
close .. common pose

DF seldom open their wing, but they do and this is one of them and beside the front view (other DF show below) .. angle is important to affect the DOF ... trying to hit/shoot @90 degree horizontal toward the DF body

common ... and as not 90 degree hit on the body the back body look OOF
open ... and better angle ?

change little angle
- whole body will look focus after small change of angle
open .. and dof

(other DF)
front view look good too
Drangonfly - F2F

from top ..
- not bad but not easy to get on top of it
Natural Lighting

face closeup ..
- not easy to get close like this .. but easy to do it while they sleep ... early morning or night time

a classic closeup ..
- can show beauty of the DF head
- take note on DOF .. normally need stack for both eye focus
Dragonfly close up ..

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