Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Night Birding ... (my 1st night birding)

I was use to night macro thought it is tough but then compare to night birding, think it is far tough compare to macro ....

my very 1st night birding, it is really tough as the viewfinder is almost totally dark, no AF, and we only able to use torch light direct close to the bird else it will fly off ... use the little available light from torch to get the bird focus is like a "guessing" game :( ... try and error need to make sure my object is focus but then it may have possible to make the bird fly off

few catch from my 1st night birding

this owl just amazing shy/sensititve .. almost not possible get close
... looking back ...

ohhh ... you still found me ...

was lucky got the Owl got the prey :D

... I got my food -1 ...

... I got my food -2 ...

... I got my food -3 ...

more owl collection from me click here


Nicholas Leong said...

I think I prefer birding shots when it is day time :P

liewwk said...

agree but some action shot like owl having meal .. it only happen on night most of the time .. morning they sleep :D

Anonymous said...

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