Friday, December 11, 2009

MACRO PP - Why I need to increase MACRO pictures DOF

just another sample to share why I need to increase my MACRO pictures DOF or PP and I was discuss How I increase the DOF @

there case 2-3 bugs in a single frame and there are not possible to have all bugs align or focus in single frame so "stacking" will come in to increase the DOF ...

without stack these are 2 original shots (without any stacking)

i. while I shoot, I had this plan out and focus on top (male) tiger beetle
IMG_5112 copy

ii. immediately I need to move my focus point fast (try my best without changing the magnification (distance), then I focus on the bottom (female ) tiger beetle
IMG_5113 copy

by using technique discuss above or here
I will spend ~5min to stack it to make both male and female in focus within single frame as below

... never get bore with this tiger ...

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