Saturday, September 4, 2010

other - happy week ...

I had wonderful friday dinner ... my gang celebrate my birthday (aiksss am one year older now) ... we laugh non stop , delicious food (seafood) and we have long never gather like this dinner ... think we should have this once every 2-3 month .. (man the food little pricey lah but good)

after the wonderful dinner (we reach home >12am today) and then most of us woke up 4am to hike to Bukit Tabur again (my Bukit Tabur collection) for sunrise ... even it was a disappointment's weather which make me have ZERO worth landscape/sunrise picture (again ... the forecast say whole day clear but we have whole day cloudy now !!!!) .... but I would say today is another happiest photography outing day I had for 2010 ... 

but we (KD, Lio, Real, Shunfa, Phooi Teng, Jason ... miss out a girl FFK) were enjoy the moment while we rest on the area we normally capture sunrise shot ... and have some funny shot with the new toy ...

-- handsome Lio
-- look at his handsome face with the beautiful view

-- fit Real Ho
-- he spent <30 minutes to hike uo to Bukit Tabur
   (I spent ~60minutes today)

-- this gentleman very famous ... almost every trip to here.. some girls will pass phone number or fb contact to him !!!!
-- he is Hero today, he safe a girl fall into a hole (on this picture right of the orange color girl stand position). the girl fall into deep ~10feet, he safe/bring her up

*** please hike with experience hiker for few trip before lead or hike to this mountain .... it is quite dangerous and need experience hiker for guidance ...

--- this is me .... :D
--- handsome ? cute ? leave some comments lah :D

miss out Jason on :(  aikssss but let me share who is Jason

--- this cute, handsome.... funny looking guy call Jason or Xiao Ming (小明)
- the other lady call Phooi Teng, who don't want to appear in my FB or blog ... (may be ... hmmm :D )

a group picture .. miss out
KD & Phooi Teng

more Bukit Tabur Pictures

1 comment:

Joanna Durczok said...

Great idea and very funy photos;)I think You are one, big group of friends with great sense of humour:)

As for you... I would say both handsome and cute;)


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