Monday, October 4, 2010

Review - Canon 2470L vs 24105L vs 1635L

a short and quick compare of 3 lenses
left most - 2470
center - 24105
right - 1635L m1

1. tripod same position and angle
2. timer
3. LV manual focus center
4. standard JPEG straigh out
5. no UV filter
6. AWB, Aperture mode

do this for my friend .....

1. 2470 most solid
2. 2470 very heavy
3. outer build 2470 is best
4. all are 77mm thread (1635L m1)

below is the results
24mm @F4

100% crop of above pictures (pls ignore the exif .. as I use stacked method and the eixf is refer the base picture ...

at F4@24mm, I can see small different of sharpness which 2470 make a lead at the center

but the vignette is bad for 24105 and follow by 2470 .... and 1635 is a different range of len ... I leave it here just to see some different but we shouldn't use it as compare .. (which is not a fare comparation)

24mm @F8

for the center sharpness still do not have big different but 24105L show weak at off corner ...  even as close at the "speaker" area

2470 produce less vignette compare to the other 2 lenses at F8 ....

a single picture consist all 100% crop at center


70mm (only 2470L & 24105L)

if you need more pictures to compare do let me know so I will post it here ASAP ...

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