Monday, December 6, 2010

My Gear - GND and 10 Stops ND filters

just a quick share why I use GND or 10 stops ND filters in some case

1. the sky and foreground always have different of exposures and I do not want to use exposures blending, HDR and black card method to correct the exposure ...

e.g. original shot , no PP no filter, the sky look lost some highlight details especially the clouds

2. to get the correct exposure of the sky then foreground will look under

3. to correct the exposures, I normally use
i. Lee Filter GND filter
ii. Exposures masking (shoot multiple pictures to merge it)
iii. HDR
iv. black card, only apply while long exposure

but for this I only want to disucss 3i (Lee Filter GND)

4. to correct it normally I use Graduate Nature Density filter (GND) to correct the exposure of the sky or get more details of the sky without changing the foreground exposure

- with the help of the GND I have both sky and sea at right exposure with minimum effort

5. but for this type of weather, the sky may look dull and not so attractive.. so I make use of the bid stop ND to make the water look silky and the cloud movement ......

the exp from 1/5s to 140++s which allow us to see the movement line of the clouds to create more attractive sky and silky sea

and with proper planning here is my result
... broken pier ...

I will share how to use exposures masking, Photoshop GND ... in future ....


Bearnerd B. said...

Hi Liew. May I know where did you order your lee filter set? Do we have any authorized dealer for lee filter here in M'sia?

liewwk said...

Bearnerd B.,
u may email me

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