Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Gear - PnS Camera Panasonic LX5

Mr 1st LEICA !!!!

finally I had make decision for my spare body .... a Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX5....

think too many people give review to this camera, and I am not going to share one now but my 1st hand experience

1. a solid point and shot
2. 1cm macro is fun (I am back with so much of DOF now)
3. image quality , from the screen is great
4. size much smaller than my 5d but slightly bigger than my Ixus700
5. for a new user (1st time using Panasonic camera), I understand and know where to set most of the basic requirement setting in ~10 minutes .. so this is consider a very user friendly PnS

will shoot more pictures using this camera to share more actual IQ concern :D

Full Specification can easily get from google or

the main specifications that make me choose this
1. 24mm wide angle
2. aperture f2.0
3. proven IQ LX3
4. shutter speed 30-60s (24mm F2 @60s ... good for star :D)
5. 1cm MACRO



ahleng ariKen said...

looking forward to see your macro shots with this :)

liewwk said...

ahleng .. can't do much on this as I do not have the adapter with raynox so the magnification is only ~1:1.75 35mm equivalent

Pardes said...

I just bought this camera as well and I love it. Doing a little PP is well worth it to get a blurred background when you need it. I hope to see more photos that you take with the LX5.

liewwk said...

Pardes, sure I will ...

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