Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Gear - Mac Book Air


finally I am also a Apple user ... I am totally new, not use to the OS for the 1st tough ....

but the screen great ... the weight of the MBA just amazing ....

- it even thinner than my Lumix Len cap ...

but too bad it is smaller by 50% of my workstation

not much thing attract me now ... have to test myself and will update how fast I adopt MAC OS after ~15years of Windows and UNIX users ...... 1st question is how I maximise my browser ??? :D


Amino @ Lordmint said...

Finally, you got one.. hehehe

zeroimpact said...

Click on the green button with a "+" sign. You can also configure the touchpad to just using touch and not need to press to click.
But the maximise button work differently base on application. Try cultofmac.com. They have quite some tips on mac os.

liewwk said...

Mint .. u need one too :D
will look for u these 2 weeks .. want outing together ?

Zero ...
thanks ... I managed to expanse .. but for Windows user .. it is so simple to expand :D

Unknown said...

you can click alt and the plus (not sure alt or ctrl) button and it will full blown up the window...

Unknown said...

sorry not alt or ctrl.. it is shift

alex said...

nice laptop... hope i have like that also..

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voguelove said...

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Merlin Kristianti said...

That's all the room we have for Part 1. Our list of icons will continue in next week's Atlanta Airwave Action.
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