Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Landscape Spot 5 - Bukit Panaroma (Sungai Lembing)

... a place I wish to be there now ...

again, I was stop sharing this due to my work and family commitment... but today I wish I will be in one of the place I went few months back Bukit Panorama locate SG Lembing (or Chinese name  林明山 )

this place locate near Kuantan, Pahang , Malaysia

i. drive from Kuala Lumpur toward Kuantan Direction (it is ~3++ hours drive)
ii. while before Kuantan, you should see Sungai (sg) Lembing sign board and it is only single way to there.. drive ~30minutes and please drive slow here as many cows will passing by
iii. reach to the small village (only one direction) and reach Market on left (Pasar)just immediate the market turn left on to the little up hill . then the stair case to climb up to the Bukit Panorama is there
iv. climb up to ~400m form sea level and it should take ~1hour max (for poor little photographer like me)

few things to take note,
- many hiker in the weekend and  at the initial part is very steep and small so please walk slow for the 1st initial part especially raining day
- just single stair case trek, won;t easy to get lost
- very easy hike
- not many spot for this beautiful view and you may need 30-150mm range for the sunrise (it is little far from where we look for)
- it face east .. so it is good spot for sunrise but again it have the other direction face west which I never explored ..

more picture from this beautiful place

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