Thursday, June 17, 2010

other - a not so easy closeup

... another Giraffe Weevil ...

I am shooting for Macro for ~2.5 years now and few bugs I still having problem to shoot their close-up (face in close without cropping) and share in my flickr @ It's always good to look close xx

2 of my wish to shoot their face are Tiger Beetle and Giraffe Weevil

both this bug very shy, not easy to get close and I managed to get close to one the giraffe weevil (wild) and shoot 4:1 without any crop .. one of my happiest capture in 2010 even not a best picture ... but I am happy to have it get close ..

... it's always good to look close 36 - Giraffe Weevil ...

more beetle from liewwk flickr click here

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