Friday, October 17, 2008

10th Oct 2008 - Genting Highland (Spot 3)

went to this 6000 feet famous "City of Entertainment" for half day MACRO outing @2 places.
me & ahli went Gohtong Jaya for breakfast and toward our 1st stop near Awana Staff training camp site which is alaso jogging path too. after the Awana Staff training camp (bugs anywhere), we toward the peak to a hill where army security tower area (no too much bug)

I had save the GPS location in my Garmin, anyone really need the actual location. Ping me I will sms you the location.

here are some pictures from this outing
Interesting outing
where this place is a cold place compare other spots

Sharing some pictures from this outing

i. what a nice catch ... i found this guy @ near a stream from 6000 feet above sea level

ii. this caterpillar really look great

iii. 1st time see this color of cricket nymph

iv. it stand at difficult position and only able to shoot few shots of it

v. another rare bug found ..

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