Monday, October 6, 2008

2008 Oct 4 - FRIM MACRO Outing (SPOT 1)

went to this reserve jungle FRIM where locate @Kepong - Selangor - MALAYSIA with 2 Alphanatics members (Shunfa & DannyKhoo), where they show their interest on MACRO using their tele (SONY 55-200 & SIGMA 70300) with my Raynox CM3500.

I had save the GPS location in my Garmin, anyone really need the actual location. Ping me I will sms you the location.

here are some pictures from this outing

QUITE a bore outing
as not much rare bugs found ........ so decide to make some impact or poison call

beside location, I will try to do this session for every macro outing to share with people... what u can see with macro photography but not with your's eye

While u shoot macro, u will see some object u will never see with eye without any glass. here was sample...

i. show how small is the spider/objext

ii. this is shooting using MACRO 3:1

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