Tuesday, October 7, 2008

2008 Oct 5 - Kuala Lumpur Butterfly Park (SPOT 2)

The Kuala Lumpur Butterfly Park houses more than 6,000 butterflies from 120 exotic species. The park is an imitation of the butterfly’s natural habitat. It includes more than 15,000 plants from 100 species that has been painstakingly landscaped to resemble a Malaysia rainforest atmosphere.The details are as below

Open: 9am - 6pm (Daily)
Admission: RM5 (Adults), RM1 (Children) + RM for camera (and advice for 4 hours inside)

went to this park KL Butterfly Park with 2 Alphanatics members (Shunfa & KelvinYam), where they show their interest on MACRO .....by using their tele (SONY 55-200 + Raynox250) and Tokina 100mm MACRO len.

I had save the GPS location in my Garmin, anyone really need the actual location. Ping me I will sms you the location.

here are few best pictures from this outing

more pictures can be view from My Flickr - > 2008 Oct - Kuala Lumpur Butterfly Park

Very Interesting Outing
my 1st ever outing have such number butterflies catch

beside location, I will try to do this session for every macro outing to share with people... what u can see with macro photography but not with your's eye

While u shoot macro, u will see some object u will never see with eye without any glass. here was sample...

i. 3:1 beetle which is ~3-5mm in size

ii. you only can see this weird looking fly by MACRO .. which i thought this is an ant for the st place

more MACRO/Natural SPOT will be coming ...................................


Emran Mohd Tamil said...

can i follow your macro outing.. always want to explore macro places but quite insecure to explore alone...

liewwk said...

HI Emran,
u can alway pm me ... so we can go out

Anonymous said...

Bro...i also want to join your macro outing!!!....really interesting!!!-zane-

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