Thursday, March 5, 2009

Chuah Mangrove (Spot7)

Was outing with a guide from endemicguides to this mangrove where full with birds, wild life, dragonfly, damselfly, bee and etc ....

this place locate near Lukut, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia and it is not easy to access without guidance this just like a fishermen village ....

Rate of this Spot -- A-
- good place for birding as the bird just ~10-15meters and few times of ~5-10meters
- can just wait at those "rumah attap" where fisherman collect their catch
- far from KL
- not easy to access
- far walk if really want to go into the mangrove

Some catch of the day
1. blue mangrove flycatcher
Blue Mangrove Flycatcher

2. Carpenter Bee
6.4 Bee ... it is resting :D ...

3. Collared Kingfishers ... eating a crab ...
Collared Kingfishers ... eating a crab ...

4. Malkoha (saw this guy many time, but too high to shot it)

5. Crab...
Crab ... it want to be model

more pictures from this outing @2009 Feb - Chuah

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