Monday, March 2, 2009

Should I stack ???

This is to share and get some response should I do stack which I share @ how I increase my Macro picture DOF

so ... let give me some comment

1. Stacked with 9 pictures to 1
- CombineZM + Masking
12.8 Death Leaf ??? Moth ??? (ID NEEDED) [STacked]

2. the original picture that focus on face + eye
12.8 Death Leaf ??? Moth ??? (ID NEEDED) [Non Stacked]


Nicholas Leong said...

aiyoh, picture too small la. old uncle here cannot see properly.

I guess if its for documentation purpose then stack it.

Artistic composition, then you can play with the various DOF.

liewwk said...

click on the picture for bigger picture :D

i think DOF is important , and yes composition is important but what if u can have compo + dof ? :D

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