Saturday, March 21, 2009

MACRO PP - 2 ? [background]

As mentioned, I am doing this assignment to show/share how I PP and learn some new PP style (which may include some new plugin)

Today, I will try to get blurring Background (BG) and trying to new plugin name Alien - Bokeh wow it have some many bokeh choice there :D

Original picture is not a good picture due to OOF, complex BG, artificial on leg & etc as below
Streaked Spiderhunter - Original Picture

so I decide to try out something new (blurring the BG ...which I never do this before on all my work before this picture). I decide to do below

1. blurring the whole picture
2. reveal the layer
3. brush out the bird & leaf (whatever part I want it to be focus or clear)
4. minor crop for non center
5. resize
6. USM 120 - 0.6 (doing USM after resize will give more contrast and sharpness)

*** hmmmmm forgot to do something on it eye to look less OOF :( but I will try it out next one

here is the result
Streaked Spiderhunter - PP Picture

so what do you think ? I pretty like this result :D so ... I don't need bigger aperture len ? :D

4 comments: said...

Nice tutorial and yes, we should PP some of the shots ya :D

liewwk said...

yes , sometime if the shot is good (or we like) but got some defect then PP is require

NIX said...

no doubt, after pp the whole picture look difference. DOF look better now after pp and the object standout pretty well. Guess I have to improve my PP skill to get better photos :)
thanks for sharing

NIX said...

liew, what do u mean by brush out the part that need focus ? i tried using magic wand but the object turn out too sharp. look abit fake.

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