Thursday, May 13, 2010

How I shoot MACRO - New Accessories and Lighting 2010 May

after 2 month stop sharing my MACRO setup .. even I change/test it after few version but this is another workable Macro lighting setup for Canon MP-E65 & MT-24

My previous Lighting Share

Some of the Accessories was bought and test on field few months back but I just not too sure it will be apply and busy to share it ... but now I am pretty sure these actually help me for macro shooting

2010 May - Macro Accessories

1. gaffer tape
2. Wimberley Plamp
3. Kaiser flash Hot shoe
4. Vellum Paper
5. Japan flash hot shoe

and beside my above accessories below is my current light setup

2010 May - Macro New Lighting Setup

more of my MACRO setup

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