Sunday, May 30, 2010

Travel Report - Taiwan May 2010 (1)

I was invited to go Taiwan to have a Nature Photography Trip by 大鬍子 [Director of] ...within 5 days we travel from Taipei --> Wulai --> Syueshan (台北 --> 乌来 --> 大雪山

We meet quite a lot of Nature photographer & book writer (from all over the Taiwan , south, east....) and all of them are good nature lover and photographer...from the discussion and conversation , I do learn a lot from them ... not only on photography but how to appreciate the nature ....

There are a lot of hit and miss (photography) e.g. I got plenty of endemic birds and wild life from Taiwan which I do not expect ...... but I do missed out some of the creatures that I able to see but failed to capture ... :(
i. plenty of Scorpion flies around ...easily >10 among Wulai & Syueshan 乌来 --> 大雪山
ii. green metallic Giraffe Weevil .... it is still as shy as Malaysia GW
iii. a bird call Doraemon (小叮噹)
iv. lophura swinhoii (藍腹鷴) .... a endemic bird from Taiwan ...according to them ... it is most easy bird ever but then we still miss it due to the bad weather on last day in the Syueshan (大雪山)
v. Star ... even good weather but the star are not really bright due the bright moon

But again this was a wonderful trip and thanks Mr Chai [大鬍子] for the accommodation , time spend , nice foods ....

I may too busy to process all the pictures capture in 1-2 weeks time so let me share the view from 大鬍子 house @ Wulai (乌来) peak (this is a place locate at far high from the common tourist area and not all people allow to go out to this area as it do have a road block by police 7 x 24 @ entrance ... (Location map @ Flickr map)

... wake up view ...

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Seenath Kumar said...

Hey that's really great Taiwan is one of the beautiful place in world so the trip will be awesome for nature photography.
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