Thursday, March 11, 2010

New Found - Leaf Mimic Grasshopper

Leaf Mimic Grasshopper
genus is Systella sp., a short-horned grasshopper (Caelifera) in the family Trigonopterygidae

happy to found this bug 2 weeks ago but then see it again last week while I brought my daughter to see some moth @ Berjaya Resort (Bukit Tinggi) locate at Pahang, Malaysia.

this is a leaf like insect not easy to spot, and it jump not far as long as do not let it jump back to the area close it color else have to spend time to find it. and it is not really move or shy to human so can use tripod for this guy :D

1. male
Leaf Mimic Grasshopper - male

2. female
Leaf Mimic Grasshopper - female

3. late for the mating session .. but this is just before they split
Leaf Mimic Grasshopper mating

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