Thursday, March 11, 2010

Other - Why I Always request Larger Picture before comment

I love to view pictures .. I can simply open flickr, pbase , google picture and spend hours without drink , eat and concentrate to view pictures ... but I seldom comments other's picture... as web size (low resolution) 800-1000 pic @long side will definitely not should what we see in actual resolution 100% crop , and to judge the picture sharpness, details...

even a non sharp picture after re-size with little sharpen the picture will still look good in sharpness and details, and we have no way to tell is it a picture with details or is the len sharp or not ...

let have a look at picture 1 & 2 which is web size
1. worthwhile picture - Web Size
worthwhile picture - Web Size

2. un-wanted picture web size
Unwanted Picture - Web Size

with 100% worthwhile picture and unwanted picture
3. 100% crop picture #1
Full Size - 100% Crop

4. 100% crop picture #2
Full Size - 100% crop

all picture from process with very close
1. raw --> jpeg (no sharpen)
2. increase contrast
3. 100% crop on head
4. redo and resize and save

as the web size picture (800-1000) is very low resolution so it is no way to tell how is the len sharpness and picture details ... so you know why I ask for larger picture :D

with small resolution picture, actually I can make very sharp and look many details pictures by just little extra PP


Yiming said...

I agree,
This was one of my shots I posted last time where I got numerous under - exposed replies.

But I wanted to show this instead

liewwk said...

Yiming, both look good lighting even yea it is under in some sense but it still show the beauty of the main object :D

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