Monday, March 15, 2010

Review - Results of 2010 - MACRO light test plan 1

not much things found today but lucky got similar object while I use old light setup ( puffer - pop-up flash diffuser put in front of mt-24 flash head)

let's see the light reflection on the damselfly

1. old shot with puffer diffusers
7:1 shot - hot spot found on eye with the mt flash head reflection
7.1 Damselfly - Copera marginipes ... face ...

should be very close to ~5:1 - think this one I had did some PP on it's eye reflection portion using method clone reflective body share previously
7.1 Damselfly - Copera marginipes ... face ...

2. new plastic cup diffuser which share here

result - no clone reflective , no dodge and burn
- curve increase contrast
- noise ninja
- stacked 3 shots into 1
Hello, this way please ...

think the plastic cup diffuser method did the good job. but as it is little too bulky, big element just in front of my len, so it is not so convenient on shy bug .. or even no so shy type may flew off due to the plastic cup extend out .... am not sure will I continue use this but then definitely a good MACRO lighting setup for mt24.

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