Sunday, March 21, 2010

News - 1st try on Still JPEG Movie

finally I managed to capture and create my 1st still JPGE movie with another star trail capture and outing ... happy to went out with my gang (even another long hours outing 2am - 7pm) .. but we enjoy the outing very much as we learn, laugh .. here are output from 1st try

1. picture
another star trail

2. movie

*** prefer to view larger and better quality from


livideyez said...

very nice :)
is it something like timelapse?

liewwk said...

livideyez, similar :D

NIX said...

nice work. Great patient you have, if the video can be longer, it's even better.

liewwk said...

thans Nix ... agree with the time but this already ~20minutes .. and if can I will do longer in future

another one

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