Saturday, July 10, 2010

Other - something on my body

after years shooting macro, I had saw many mites on insect body and first time I saw a "apple" or "ball" like mites on damselfly (ohh , I have no ID on the damselfly and it should belong to my new found)

again, while I first saw it I thought it carry the egg (I could be right) and eventually think this should be mites on the insect body .. and ohhh the mites is cute :D

... there is something on my body...Apple , egg ??? ...

and for before this, few shots still in my mind (which I feel pain from the picture) ...

a long-horned beetle
parasites !!!

a beetle .. a terrible one
Beetle : "My body full with mites"

a not too bad one
2.3 Long Horned Beetle ... closer ...

even a wasp have it
how we kiss

look close to it
50% crop on the mites

sometime , i feel pain while seeing it but again this is nature survive rule ... it happen .......
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