Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Travel Report - Hampton Beach

Hampton Beach is a village district and beach resort within the town of Hampton, in the U.S. state of New Hampshire, located on the Atlantic Ocean. Hampton Beach is located in Rockingham County, approximately 15 miles (24 km) south of Portsmouth. The community is a popular tourist destination and the busiest beach community in the state. Ocean Boulevard, the main street along the beach, includes a boardwalk, many shops and businesses, several seasonal hotels, and the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom. The Ballroom hosts many national acts throughout the summer months.

 source from,_New_Hampshire

it is not too far from Boston which should <1 hour drive toward north east. here are few things from the beach
- beach is clean
- wave is strong
- sea water is cold (~55-60F)
- plenty of parking along the road but ~USD5 every 3 hours
- it will be pack if weather forecast a good sunny day
- seafood and a Chinese food store call Ocean WOK (something like this) are good

I didn't managed to get the sunrise as the sunrise is too early to get everybody to be there so earlier .. (now sunrise here ~540am) and either the sunset due to the storm coming and we had to leave the beautiful beach earlier ... :(

but I still got some pictures captured to share with all of you ..

1. beautiful beach

 2. lifeguard
... hero ...

3. few bikini shots
... 18sx  ...

... 18sx  ...

5. there ar enot many photographer around but managed to capture few have similar interest while the storm reaching and the sky become dynamics
i. except him who use a DSLR
... this is how I shoot picture - DSLR...

ii. a PnS
... this is how I shoot picture - P&amp;S...

iii. even a phone camera
... this is how I shoot picture - Phone Camera...

6. but a bird have different interest
... everyone have their interest ...

a collection of the 2010 , MA, US trip click here

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