Friday, August 27, 2010

MACRO PP - When you meet a big bug (photomerge)

this is mostly sharing for MP-E65 user but it do apply for other user too when there are few occasion which need this Photomerge technique.

For MP-E65 user, one of the problem is we only have minimum magnification of 1:1 and while the bug >35mm (for Full frame user) or >23mm (APS-c user)then the object will never fit into single frame .. but we need it to be fit sometime (big is not always GOOD).... there are few suggestion

i. easy way , get another normal MACRO len which can do <1:1 (which I do it too)
ii. but sometime the moment may not allow you change len as it may leave you .....then photomerge will be better/quick solution

it is not difficult to shoot macro for pano/merger and I did a sharing once @ here. but today let me share little more on which option I use in CS..... here are the step

i. shoot with same magnification and need some cross area
   - shoot more so you can stack
   - incase miss out some portion

ii. use CS photomerge option

iii. use auto ... most of the time

iv. choose the pictures you wish to merge

v. it is done .....for few sec/min

vi. and crop away what ever area you fill you don't want or if you want the area but not able to cover (those white area) ..then you can use "clone" option to recover it.

or just crop as

then caterpillar is done ....


Anonymous said...

I don't suppose this is possible in Photoshop Elements.

liewwk said...

it should have the same

let me try to install mine

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