Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Travel - National Park Endau Rompin, Johor, Malaysia

finally I step into this National park - Endau Rompin after years ... (my very 1st time to Taman Negara after in photography)... I would say is not really a very good trip for photography due to weather and some unplanned activities that took up our time and make us tired enough ....but I really enjoy the trip with my photography gang ... (Jason, Tan, Andy, Philip Wee and Maureen). the moment the environment make me start plan another trip there and hope it can be early of 2011.

so my advice is to plan the trip there properly, it is a big jungle and plan where you want to visit then where you want to stay .. (either chalet, camp ...)

something to plan out
i. what you going to interest to ? hiking ? camping ? photography ? for landscape , wild life, bird, macro, orang asli ... etc

from #i decide where you want to stay

i. do you need electricity
ii. do you prefer to have daily long walk (~3hours return) for different activity

there are few place to stay
i. Kg. Peta
   - a place with Chalet (not too expensive)
   - Dorm (real cheap but sharing with other)
   - electricity available
   - "cold river" water for bath
   - chalet is good for family trip too
   - Botanical garden is good for birding, macro
   - Kg Peta Jetty , saw alot of butterfly
   - Pantai Burung , good for landscape (sunrise, sunset)... might need to cross the river
   - near by the Dorm, not much thing found by this trip but do believe it may due to weather
   - Orchid Garden can find a lot of mushroom

ii. Jasin
   - another place with Chalet and Dorm
   - little far (boat ~40minutes and ~15minutes walk)
   - just like Kg Peta
   - nearer to Upih Guling (Waterfall) [~1.5hours walk]
   - Tasik Biru  [~1.5hours walk]

iii. Tg Marong
    - camp site
    - 4 wheel reachable
    - ~15minutes to either Upih Guling and Tasik Biru

 --> Upih Guling

    - a real place for wild life and macro
    - still far to Buaya Sangkut [~3.5hours walk]

iv. Batu Hampar
    - last camp site and closer to Buaya Sangkut
    - not much details
    - next planning to here

--> Upih Guling

--> Pantai Burung

--> little adventure here

--> Kg Peta

--> while on the boat

--> simply a snake

Some Warning
- mosquitoes !!!
- leeches !!!!!!!!!!
- long walk is require for most of the location
- porter is not really expensive , if you want can arrange one for daily basic

more pictures for this trip will be share @ liewwk 2010 Aug Endau Rompin
and pictures will be upload part by part due to my busy schedule

let's wait for my next visit for better experience for this great place

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