Monday, August 2, 2010

How I shoot MACRO - New Lighting test for 150mm macro (2010 Aug)

 am doing quite alot of testing and still looking for time to share the end result but I feel it is important to solve the lighting for my SIGMA 150mm F2.8 which is a good range for macro but due to the distance to the object, flash use tent to be harsh so far and it only use for fill flash/Natural Light macro so far.

I make use one of my test with MP-E65 , a UV + light Tent which mentioned before @ 2010 Jul new lighting testing

I will get few good test and share the result by end of this week ...

and I just got my SIGMA180 and hope I have some time to give it a try

so for test 1 - 2 Aug 2010
i. SIGMA 150 F2.8
ii. Canon 5dm2
iii. Kenko ET 36mm  & 1.4x TC
iv. UV Diffuser  (picture below show how U.. but V still a hidden secret)

v. Light Tent with Vellum paper (previously use for MP-E65)

UPDATE .... I am trying to drawing what I going to achieve

not a very good diagram, but it show I trying to avoid direct my flash light toward the object and why I have the long "U" diffuser is to provide little light to the background.

pdate result from this setup @

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